pass for MTB

Pas de l'Illsee

geography  CH (VS), 7.6175°E, 46.2578°N profil
altitude  2544 m100-cols code  CH-VS-2544c
side 1  Chippis, 565m, 29km
 Vissoie, 1204m, 16km
 Chandolin, 1979m, 6km
side 2  Susten, 624m, 16km
 Dörfji, 1435m, 7km
 Untere Illalp, 1821m, 4km
passability fairly easy difficult
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info road up to Chandolin and good way further up to the pass; single track with long pushing stretches on the other side (Susten)
Pas de l'Illsee
View over the Rhône valley from the west crest of the Illhorn
Pas de l'Illsee
Bishorn, Weisshorn, Diablons, Zinalrothorn, Oberrgablehorn, Cervin, Pointe de Zinal and Dent Blanche, view from the Illhorn
Pas de l'Illsee
The Illsee as seen from the Illsee pass