pass for MTB

Passo Boffalora

geography  IT (CO), 9.1506°E, 45.9899°N profil
altitude  1234 m100-cols code  (IT-CO-1234)
side 1  Laino, 670m, 12km
 Nigare, 1090m, 5km
side 2  Ossucio, 200m, 5km
 Montenuovo, 1260m, 1km
passability easy quite difficult
links   Wikimapia map proximité photo(s)   Tour 2015
info almost entirely paved from Lanio, very steep on Ossuccio's side (lake Como)
Passo Boffalora
Valle dei Rovasci, decending from Boffalora to the west
Passo Boffalora
Boffalora hut as seen from the pass
Passo Boffalora
Mounts Lenno and Calbiga as seen fro the Boffalora hut