pass for MTB

Ober Furgglen

geography  CH (SG), 9.1263°E, 47.1598°N profil
altitude  1498 m100-cols code  CH-SG-1498
side 1  Weesen, 423m, 8km
 Gufler, 665m, 5km
side 2  Amden, 908m, 6km
 Niderschlag, 1292m, 2km
passability quite difficult fairly easy
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info quite steep on the upper part, especially on the west side, requiring pushing the bike
Ober Furgglen
Ober Furgglen, view over the Linth valley with Nieder- and Oberurnen
Ober Furgglen
Ober Furgglen, view above Amden, with the Alpstein massif in the background
Ober Furgglen
Ober Furgglen as seen from the slope of the Mattstock