road pass

Schiestelscharte (Graupn-Höhe)

geography  AT (KÄ), 13.7936°E, 46.89°N profil
altitude  2020 m100-cols code  AT-2-2020
side 1  Ebene Reichenau, 1060m, 15km
 Winkl Reichenau, 1380m, 7km
side 2  Innerkrems, 1486m, 22km
 Eisentalhöhe, 2042m, 14km
 Grundtal, 1540m, 8km
passability May - October
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Schiestelscharte (Graupn-Höhe)
Windebensee, small lake in the vicinity of the Schiestlscharte pass
Schiestelscharte (Graupn-Höhe)
Schiestlscharte, north-west side