pass for MTB

Pass da Sett / Septimerpass

geography  CH (GR), 9.6369°E, 46.4187°N profil
altitude  2310 m100-cols code  CH-GR-2310
side 1  Bivio, 1769m, 6km
side 2  Casaccia, 1458m, 6km
 Cranch da Sett, 1880m, 3km
passability fairly easy quite difficult
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info good gravel road on the north, steep road and track on the south, with passages requiring pushing uphill
Pass da Sett
Septimer Pass, north side, view over Plang Camfer
Pass da Sett
Septimer Pass, view to the south, in the background Cima dal Cantun, Cima della Bondasca, Pizzo Cengalo and Pizzo Badile
Pass da Sett
View from the Settimo pass to the south, with the chain from Cima di Castello to Pizzo Badile in the back
Pass da Sett
View from Septimer to the north, with the Piz d'Err, Calderas, d'Agnel and Surgonda