pass for MTB

Col de Chargerat

geography  CH (VS), 7.1902°E, 46.0375°N profil
altitude  2331 m100-cols code  CH-VS-2331
side 1  Orsières, 887m, 13km
 Commeire, 1454m, 5km
 Le Bardet, 2050m, 1km
side 2  Bruson, 1042m, 13km
 Montagne du Six Blanc, 2032m, 2km
passability quite difficult quite difficult
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info Gravel roads up to slightly more than 2000 m elevation, steep tracks above; also accessible over the crest path
Col de Chargerat
View from col de Chargerat towards val de Bagnes and Verbier
Col de Chargerat
View to the south-west from col de Chargerat, with both Ferret passes in the middle (grand and petit col de Ferret)