pass for MTB

Panixerpass / Pass dil Veptga

geography  CH (GL-GR), 9.1038°E, 46.8558°N profil
altitude  2407 m100-cols code  CH-GL-2407
side 1  Elm, 977m, 13km
 Wichlen, 1297m, 6km
side 2  Rueun, 788m, 16km
 Pignu, 1301m, 11km
 Ranasca Dadens, 1830m, 5km
passability very difficult very difficult
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info (not yet translated into English:) col muletier entre Glaris (cyclable jusqu'un peu après Wichlen) et les Grisons (cyclable jusqu'à Ranasca Dadens), longs poussages et portages entre deux
Pass dil Veptga / Panixerpass, side Pignu / Panix, Ranasca Dadens
Pass dil Veptga / Panixerpass, Pignu / Panix
Sight form the slope of a Crap Tgietschen towards the other Crap Tgitschen, with the Panix Pass on its left