pass for MTB

Pass Maighels / Maighelspass

geography  CH (UR-GR), 8.6801°E, 46.5948°N profil
altitude  2421 m100-cols code  CH-GR-2421
side 1  Andermatt, 1436m, 11km
 Vermigel, 1965m, 3km
side 2  Tschamut, 1640m, 12km
 Lai Urlaun, 2260m, 4km
 Planca avon Purtgera, 2347m, 1km
passability difficult quite difficult
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info hiking pass, rideable in the Unteralp valley up to Vermigel, in the Val Maighels up to Stavel da Maighels, pushing or carrying (but not too difficult) in between
Pass Maighels
Vermigel, the path to the Maighelspass climbs on the left
Pass Maighels
Pass Maighels
Pass Maighels
Val Maighels