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Pass Umbrail / Giogo di Santa Maria

geography  CH-IT (GR-SO), 10.4332°E, 46.5416°N profil
altitude  2501 m100-cols code  CH-GR-2501
side 1  Sta. Maria, 1375m, 14km
side 2  Bormio, 1197m, 18km
passability May - November
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info highest Swiss road pass at the Italian border, unlit tunnels and bad road surface on the Bormio side
Pass Umbrail
Stelvio and Umbrail passes, side Bormio
Pass Umbrail
Val Müstair
Pass Umbrail
Road of the Umbrail pass
Pass Umbrail
View from the Umbrail pass to the west: road to Bormio and Bocchetta di Forcola
Pass Umbrail
From Stelvio towards Umbrail