pass for MTB

Forcla da Gavirolas / Cavirolaslücke

geography  CH (GR), 9.0684°E, 46.8346°N profil
altitude  2526 m100-cols code  CH-GR-2528b
side 1  Andiast, 1190m, 12km
 Alp Miez, 1804m, 5km
 Alp Sura, 2060m, 3km
side 2  Andiast, 1190m, 13km
 Alp Miez, 1804m, 6km
 Alp Sura, 2060m, 4km
passability difficult difficult
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info possible loop starting at Alp Sura, but no continuous path, very difficult ground requiring long bike pushing or carrying, especially on the western side
Forcla da Gavirolas
Forcla da Gavirolas and Crap Tgietschen
Forcla da Gavirolas
Sight to the south, towards the Surselva, from Forcla da Gavirolas
Forcla da Gavirolas
Crap Tgietschen, south-west side