Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2006, stage 2: Tamié - Uriage (2 July 2006)

2890 m ^
Col de Tamié, view from the abbey to the south
02-07-2006 07:39
6.3044°E, 45.6847°N, 903m
Collet de Tamié, side Albertville
02-07-2006 07:56
6.3331°E, 45.6808°N, 730m
Le Pontet, view from the Grand Cucheron towards the pass of Champ-Laurent
02-07-2006 10:43
6.2444°E, 45.4919°N, 1120m
Col du Grand-Cucheron, side of Le Pontet, in the background the Lauzière chain
02-07-2006 11:04
6.2219°E, 45.5036°N, 1060m
Col du Barrioz, side St-Pierre-d'Allevard
02-07-2006 13:03
6.0306°E, 45.3433°N, 860m
Col du Barrioz, side Theys, on the opposite side the col des Ayes and left the chain of Belledonne
02-07-2006 13:24
6.0178°E, 45.3261°N, 930m
Col des Ayes, side Froges
02-07-2006 14:23
5.9783°E, 45.2636°N, 890m
col du Lautaret (Prabert), view to the south-west
02-07-2006 14:37
5.9694°E, 45.2542°N, 984m
Col des Mouilles, side Ste-Agnès
02-07-2006 15:05
5.9400°E, 45.2358°N, 890m