Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2007, stage 2: Tanamea - Riegersdorf (15 July 2007)

3100 m ^
Passo di Tanamea, east side (Uccea)
15-07-2007 08:24
13.3572°E, 46.3106°N, 800m
Sella Carnizza
15-07-2007 09:14
13.3314°E, 46.3350°N, 1070m
Sella Carnizza
15-07-2007 09:18
13.3231°E, 46.3350°N, 1086m
Sella Nevea, west side (valley of Roccolana towards Chiusaforte)
15-07-2007 11:28
13.4672°E, 46.3914°N, 1010m
Sella Nevea, view to the south towards the Monte Canin massif
15-07-2007 11:28
13.4672°E, 46.3914°N, 1010m
Sella Nevea, east side
15-07-2007 12:03
13.4914°E, 46.3958°N, 1120m
Predil Pass, view over Strmec and, left in the back, the mount Jalovec
15-07-2007 12:39
13.5781°E, 46.4186°N, 1150m
Valley of the Koritnica towards the Predil pass
15-07-2007 12:58
13.5883°E, 46.3919°N, 590m
The valley of Spodnja Trenta as seen from the Vršič road
15-07-2007 15:19
13.7458°E, 46.4125°N, 1350m
The Vršič Pass seen from the south side
15-07-2007 15:22
13.7411°E, 46.4156°N, 1375m
Vršič pass, the top of the north side
15-07-2007 15:48
13.7478°E, 46.4378°N, 1600m
Wurzenpass, from the slovenian side towards the customs
15-07-2007 17:16
13.7506°E, 46.5114°N, 1070m