Picture albums   Slide show   MTB tour Tiefencastel - Bivio - Septimer - Lunghin - Silvaplana - Bivio (30 August 2008)

69 km
2580 m ^
Mon, with Lantsch in the background
30-08-2008 09:35
9.5642°E, 46.6450°N, 1280m
30-08-2008 09:50
9.5750°E, 46.6200°N, 1300m
30-08-2008 09:57
9.5706°E, 46.6158°N, 1345m
30-08-2008 10:11
9.5842°E, 46.6044°N, 1260m
The lake of Marmorera as seen from the dam
30-08-2008 11:27
9.6331°E, 46.5097°N, 1684m
Bivio as seen from the Septimer way
30-08-2008 12:25
9.6553°E, 46.4606°N, 1880m
Septimer Pass, north side, view over Plang Camfer
30-08-2008 13:16
9.6394°E, 46.4228°N, 2270m
Septimer Pass, view to the south, in the background Cima dal Cantun, Cima della Bondasca, Pizzo Cengalo and Pizzo Badile
30-08-2008 13:21
9.6369°E, 46.4186°N, 2310m
From Septimer Pass towards Pass Lunghin
30-08-2008 13:36
9.6439°E, 46.4189°N, 2380m
View from Pass Lunghin towards Lägh Lunghin and upper Engiadina
30-08-2008 14:25
9.6636°E, 46.4136°N, 2645m
Lake of Sils as seen from Muotta Radonda
30-08-2008 15:16
9.6861°E, 46.4169°N, 2460m
Pass Julier, in the upper part of the south side
30-08-2008 17:35
9.7367°E, 46.4719°N, 2250m