Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2009, stage 2: Alpe-d'Huez - Névache (2 July 2009)

2870 m ^
Poutran and the valley towards Oz-d'Oisans
02-07-2009 07:32
6.0769°E, 45.1081°N, 2000m
The Sarenne valley and the village of Huez
02-07-2009 08:48
6.1092°E, 45.0808°N, 1780m
At the Sarenne pass
02-07-2009 09:08
6.1483°E, 45.0861°N, 1990m
The hairpin curves between Clavans and the Sarenne pass
02-07-2009 09:12
6.1492°E, 45.0894°N, 1980m
View from Villar-d'Arène towards La Grave with (in the slope) Ventelon and Les Hières
02-07-2009 10:41
6.3336°E, 45.0453°N, 1630m
The Meije massif as seen from the Lautaret pass
02-07-2009 11:20
6.4044°E, 45.0347°N, 2058m
From the Lautaret up to the Galibier pass
02-07-2009 11:22
6.4044°E, 45.0364°N, 2060m
The Guisane valley, descending from the Lautaret pass towards Briançon
02-07-2009 11:46
6.4214°E, 45.0417°N, 1950m
View over Briançon from the road to Granon pass
02-07-2009 13:12
6.5978°E, 44.9461°N, 1810m
The Écrins massif, view from Granon pass
02-07-2009 14:29
6.6106°E, 44.9625°N, 2413m