Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2011, stage 2: Schüttdorf - Bruggen (4 July 2011)

2850 m ^
Along the hairpin curves to the alpine museum on the Grossglockner road
04-07-2011 10:30
12.8086°E, 47.1231°N, 1950m
Fuschertörl and the Edelweissspitze
04-07-2011 11:15
12.8239°E, 47.1169°N, 2405m
From Fuschertörl, view over Fuscherlacke and to Mittertörl
04-07-2011 11:18
12.8247°E, 47.1156°N, 2405m
Hochtor, view to the south with the Schober massif
04-07-2011 12:06
12.8428°E, 47.0811°N, 2505m
Kasereck, view from the north-west
04-07-2011 12:27
12.8253°E, 47.0603°N, 1870m
Kasereck, view to the south towards the Möll valley
04-07-2011 12:35
12.8336°E, 47.0539°N, 1910m
Alps near Kasereck and view towards the Grossgockner
04-07-2011 12:37
12.8336°E, 47.0539°N, 1910m
04-07-2011 12:58
12.8419°E, 47.0397°N, 1290m
Winklern as seen from the slope to the Iselsbergpass
04-07-2011 14:11
12.8700°E, 46.8672°N, 1080m
The plain of Lienz as seen from Iselsberg
04-07-2011 14:39
12.8322°E, 46.8356°N, 790m
The Iselstal near Huben
04-07-2011 16:11
12.5742°E, 46.9272°N, 920m