Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2012, stage 2: Vizille - La Mure - Mens - Le Noyer - St-Bonnet-en-Champsaur (23 June 2012)

2820 m ^
23-06-2012 08:59
5.7617°E, 45.0103°N, 1000m
Near Aveillans, view towards the Vercors, with Mont Aiguille on the left
23-06-2012 09:15
5.7375°E, 44.9706°N, 950m
The plateau of La Mure as seen from La Festinière
23-06-2012 09:27
5.7581°E, 44.9483°N, 930m
Ponsonnas and the bridge over the Drac river
23-06-2012 10:12
5.7931°E, 44.8783°N, 750m
View to the west from the Masserange pass, with St-Jean-d'Hérans and the Vercors in the background
23-06-2012 10:48
5.7889°E, 44.8575°N, 933m
From Col Accarias towards the Dévoluy mountains
23-06-2012 11:11
5.7378°E, 44.8358°N, 892m
View from the Cornillon pass towards the Dévoluy
23-06-2012 11:22
5.7106°E, 44.8400°N, 885m
Mens as seen from Col du Thaud
23-06-2012 11:34
5.7258°E, 44.8256°N, 880m
St-Sébastien in the climb from Mens
23-06-2012 12:21
5.7797°E, 44.8381°N, 920m
From Col de St-Sébastien, view towards Mens
23-06-2012 12:27
5.7853°E, 44.8411°N, 970m
In the Souloise canyon, view downstream
23-06-2012 13:37
5.8906°E, 44.7428°N, 980m
Maubourg, near Agnières-en-Dévoluy
23-06-2012 14:20
5.8733°E, 44.6939°N, 1330m
View from Col de Festre to the south
23-06-2012 14:59
5.8572°E, 44.6661°N, 1443m
Col du Festre, view to the north
23-06-2012 15:01
5.8600°E, 44.6683°N, 1440m
Col des Rioupes and St-Agnières-en-Devoluy
23-06-2012 15:16
5.8922°E, 44.6983°N, 1429m
At the Rioupes pass
23-06-2012 15:18
5.8942°E, 44.6992°N, 1425m
Col du Noyer, slope of St-Étienne-en-Dévoluy
23-06-2012 16:04
5.9722°E, 44.6975°N, 1570m
Col du Noyer, slope of Champsaur
23-06-2012 16:26
5.9867°E, 44.6919°N, 1650m