Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2012, stage 5: Barcelonnette - Parpaillon - Pontis - Barcelonnette (26 June 2012)

2540 m ^
La Condamine and the fort of Tournoux
26-06-2012 09:27
6.7411°E, 44.4567°N, 1410m
The sheepfold of Grand Parpaillon
26-06-2012 10:39
6.6686°E, 44.4836°N, 2040m
Plan de Parpaillon
26-06-2012 11:02
6.6536°E, 44.4767°N, 2230m
The Parpaillon gravel road and, in the background, Col de la Pare
26-06-2012 11:46
6.6494°E, 44.4864°N, 2620m
Patrick at the Parpaillon tunnel
26-06-2012 11:54
6.6472°E, 44.4867°N, 2637m
View to the north from the Parpaillon tunnel, with the Girabeau pass in the center
26-06-2012 12:27
6.6439°E, 44.4911°N, 2640m
Valley of the Vachères and lake of Serre-Ponçon as seen from the Girabeau pass
26-06-2012 12:44
6.6322°E, 44.5014°N, 2488m
In the descent from Parpaillon towards Crévoux
26-06-2012 13:03
6.6489°E, 44.5164°N, 2210m
Lake of Serre-Ponçon, with Embrun in the background
26-06-2012 15:17
6.3575°E, 44.5122°N, 940m
26-06-2012 15:43
6.3533°E, 44.4978°N, 1230m