Picture albums   Slide show   MTB tour Verbier - col des Gentianes - Verbier - Le Châble (CCC) (3 August 2013)

From the golf of Verbier, Mont Rogneux on the left and Aiguille d'Argentière on the right
03-08-2013 09:30
7.2422°E, 46.1014°N, 1760m
Verbier, Pierre Avoi and the pass of Croix-de-Coeur as seen from Les Ruinettes
03-08-2013 10:11
7.2503°E, 46.0886°N, 2150m
Verbier, Sembrancher and the Dents du Midi as seen from Les Ruinettes
03-08-2013 10:12
7.2501°E, 46.0887°N, 2150m
From the front to the background: Hérens cows in La Chaux, Six Blanc, Aiguille d'Argentière
03-08-2013 10:53
7.2658°E, 46.0797°N, 2240m
Towards Col des Gentianes
03-08-2013 12:17
7.2989°E, 46.0800°N, 2710m
Patrick at Col des Gentianes
03-08-2013 12:47
7.3025°E, 46.0831°N, 2890m
From Col des Gentianes, view towards Bruson
03-08-2013 12:59
7.3025°E, 46.0831°N, 2890m
The gondola stations at Col des Gentianes
03-08-2013 13:00
7.3025°E, 46.0831°N, 2890m
The glacier of Tortin, with view over the Rhône valley and with the Wildhorn in the background
03-08-2013 13:01
7.3025°E, 46.0831°N, 2890m
At Col des Gentianes, with Mont Fort in the background: Pierre, Robin, Robin, Catherine, Simon, Christine, Xavier, Jean-Pierre, Patrick, Ursula, Christian, Alain, Gérald, Jean-Jacques, Alvaro, Nicolas
03-08-2013 13:33
7.3025°E, 46.0831°N, 2890m
There is still snow at 2800 m elevation
03-08-2013 13:47
7.3003°E, 46.0836°N, 2850m
From the pass of Médran towards Verbier and Pierre Avoi
03-08-2013 14:46
7.2675°E, 46.0892°N, 2450m
View from the pass of Médran up to Mont Fort
03-08-2013 14:47
7.2675°E, 46.0892°N, 2450m