Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2014, stage 1: Andermatt - Gottardo - Nufenen - Furka - Andermatt (8 August 2014)

3320 m ^
08-08-2014 09:24
8.5683°E, 46.6167°N, 1550m
En direction du col du Gotthard: le Gamsboden
08-08-2014 09:32
8.5703°E, 46.6092°N, 1630m
The Gotthard hospice
08-08-2014 10:42
8.5664°E, 46.5575°N, 2100m
Bassa della Sella as seen from the road towards Grasso di Mezzo
08-08-2014 11:03
8.5864°E, 46.5519°N, 2150m
Passo Scimfuss
08-08-2014 11:19
8.5906°E, 46.5431°N, 2240m
View to the Bedretto valley from Passo Scimfuss, with the roads climbing to the Gotthard pass
08-08-2014 11:21
8.5906°E, 46.5431°N, 2240m
At Passo Scimfuss: Patrick, Angelika and Nathalie
08-08-2014 11:24
8.5906°E, 46.5431°N, 2240m
Gotthard as seen as from Bassa della Sella
08-08-2014 11:49
8.5758°E, 46.5539°N, 2130m
In the Bedretto valley
08-08-2014 12:36
8.5514°E, 46.5164°N, 1300m
Nuffenenpass, Wallis slope
08-08-2014 15:03
8.3772°E, 46.4781°N, 2180m
Glance to Ulrichen in the descent from Nufenenpass
08-08-2014 15:13
8.3297°E, 46.4992°N, 1550m
Climbing towards Gletsch, with the road up to Grimsel pass and the train on the old Furka railway
08-08-2014 16:18
8.3563°E, 46.5548°N, 1660m
Gletsch and the roads to the Furka and Grimsel passes
08-08-2014 16:40
8.3642°E, 46.5610°N, 1870m
Furka Belvédère and the rocks left by the retreating Rhone glacier
08-08-2014 16:51
8.3817°E, 46.5664°N, 1980m
Gletsch and the Grimsel as seen from the Furka road
08-08-2014 17:12
8.3869°E, 46.5764°N, 2210m
From Furkablick towards the Urseren valley, with the hamlet of Tiefenbach
08-08-2014 17:40
8.4219°E, 46.5764°N, 2428m