Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2014, stage 2: Andermatt - Oberalp - Lucmagn - Gottardo - Andermatt (10 August 2014)

3380 m ^
Andermatt and the Urseren valley as seen from the first switchbacks of the Oberalp road
10-08-2014 09:10
8.6061°E, 46.6356°N, 1560m
Oberalp: lake and pass
10-08-2014 10:20
8.6669°E, 46.6617°N, 2030m
10-08-2014 10:52
8.7475°E, 46.6728°N, 1420m
10-08-2014 11:13
8.8572°E, 46.7011°N, 1130m
The lower Medel valley from Curaglia, with a glimpse of Disentis/Mustér
10-08-2014 11:38
8.8569°E, 46.6744°N, 1320m
Platta and (further) Curaglia in the Medel valley
10-08-2014 11:49
8.8519°E, 46.6536°N, 1410m
The dam of Sontga Maria in the upper Medel valley
10-08-2014 12:18
8.8219°E, 46.6111°N, 1700m
Alpe Casaccia, in the upper Blenio valley near the Lucomagno pass
10-08-2014 13:10
8.8147°E, 46.5483°N, 1820m
Along the national bicycle route, a place not really appropriate for a race bicycle
10-08-2014 15:34
8.8183°E, 46.4661°N, 680m
Airolo and the traffic jam at the entrance of the Gotthard tunnel
10-08-2014 16:51
8.5908°E, 46.5281°N, 1290m
In the fog: cobblestones of the Tremola road
10-08-2014 17:38
8.5717°E, 46.5428°N, 1760m
Lago della Piazza at the Gotthard pass
10-08-2014 18:29
8.5669°E, 46.5556°N, 2090m