Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2014, stage 3: Andermatt - Furka - Grimsel - Susten - Göschenen (11 August 2014)

3250 m ^
The Urseren valley, Realp and the first switchbacks to the Furka
11-08-2014 09:33
8.4889°E, 46.5894°N, 1820m
Towards Furkapass from short before Tiefenbach
11-08-2014 09:55
8.4725°E, 46.5906°N, 2050m
The upper Rhone valley as seen from the Grimsel road, with the marks left by the glacier, but the glacier itself barely visible
11-08-2014 11:18
8.3583°E, 46.5639°N, 1940m
11-08-2014 12:44
8.2933°E, 46.6511°N, 1080m
Innertkirchen, at the bottom of the Susten road
11-08-2014 13:12
8.2406°E, 46.7072°N, 730m
Wyssenmadhubel, towards the Susten on the bernese side
11-08-2014 14:54
8.4078°E, 46.7350°N, 1760m
The hairpin curves of the Susten on the Uri side
11-08-2014 16:05
8.4522°E, 46.7364°N, 2190m
11-08-2014 16:56
8.5892°E, 46.6672°N, 1100m