Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2015, stage 2: Lecco - San Pietro - Ambria - Monte Altino (27 June 2015)

109 km
2730 m ^
Lake Lecco (part of the lake Como)
27-06-2015 08:20
9.3844°E, 45.8592°N, 200m
Colle di Balisio arriving from the south-east
27-06-2015 09:16
9.4358°E, 45.9172°N, 710m
The crest of San Pietro
27-06-2015 10:25
9.4953°E, 45.9042°N, 1250m
From the pass of Culmine San Pietro to the south
27-06-2015 10:40
9.4939°E, 45.9022°N, 1255m
27-06-2015 11:00
9.5383°E, 45.8908°N, 810m
The Taleggio valley
27-06-2015 11:19
9.5567°E, 45.8761°N, 730m
The valley of Taleggio as seen from Forcellina
27-06-2015 11:50
9.5744°E, 45.8681°N, 953m
Near Forcella di Bura, view to the south (Valle Brembilla)
27-06-2015 12:04
9.5819°E, 45.8572°N, 870m
Rigosa (Algua)
27-06-2015 13:59
9.7542°E, 45.7992°N, 730m
View from Amora to the east, with Monte Rena to the right and the Ganda pass to the left, just a bit hidden
27-06-2015 14:54
9.7781°E, 45.7889°N, 1010m
27-06-2015 15:06
9.7967°E, 45.8003°N, 960m
View to the north from Prati Moletti, on the saddle between Monte Altino and Monte Altinello
27-06-2015 16:53
9.8628°E, 45.7622°N, 746m
The church Madonna dei Ciclisti at Colle Gallo
27-06-2015 17:06
9.8739°E, 45.7533°N, 763m
Statue at Colle Gallo
27-06-2015 17:08
9.8739°E, 45.7533°N, 763m