Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2016, stage 6: Miasino - Stresa - Il Colle - Locarno (5 July 2016)

2240 m ^
Orta, its mountain (peninsula) and its lake, as seen from Miasino
05-07-2016 07:36
8.4275°E, 45.7944°N, 480m
Fallow land (alpine pastures invaded by ferbs) at Colle Cortano
05-07-2016 08:30
8.4553°E, 45.8564°N, 1040m
Colle del Faggio della Barchetta, view to the south-east
05-07-2016 08:47
8.4597°E, 45.8664°N, 1211m
Typically Italian, but on top of that some interesting recommandations specifically for cyclists!
05-07-2016 08:58
8.4583°E, 45.8742°N, 1341m
Stresa and the Borromean Islands
05-07-2016 09:32
8.5422°E, 45.8792°N, 280m
Below Aurano, the Intragna valley
05-07-2016 10:57
8.5861°E, 45.9978°N, 590m
From Piancavallo towards Morissolo
05-07-2016 12:03
8.6319°E, 46.0183°N, 1270m
Selletta Morissolo and Cima Morissolo
05-07-2016 12:09
8.6386°E, 46.0197°N, 1270m
Lago Maggiore as seen from Selletta Morissolo
05-07-2016 12:12
8.6428°E, 46.0211°N, 1274m
Il Colle
05-07-2016 12:25
8.6258°E, 46.0244°N, 1230m
Chapel at Passo Piazza
05-07-2016 12:46
8.6378°E, 46.0431°N, 1056m
View over Lago Maggiore from the highest point of the road below Monte Pian Bello
05-07-2016 13:02
8.6536°E, 46.0419°N, 1170m
Lago Maggiore between Cannobio and Brissago
05-07-2016 13:42
8.6917°E, 46.0847°N, 210m