Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2017, stage 2: Castelmagno - Fauniera - Preit - Stroppo - Sampéyre (23 June 2017)

2310 m ^
23-06-2017 08:11
7.1731°E, 44.3983°N, 1650m
Val Grana, the upper part of the valley as seen from Chiotti
23-06-2017 08:14
7.1725°E, 44.3983°N, 1650m
Chiappi and the pilgrimage church of San Magno
23-06-2017 08:18
7.1772°E, 44.3989°N, 1660m
The upper part of Val Grana
23-06-2017 08:47
7.1519°E, 44.3906°N, 1980m
Col d'Esischie, towards Val Grana
23-06-2017 09:22
7.1239°E, 44.3967°N, 2366m
Col d'Esischie, towards Marmora
23-06-2017 09:23
7.1244°E, 44.3964°N, 2360m
The valley of Marmora from the Vallonetto pass
23-06-2017 09:32
7.1203°E, 44.3892°N, 2438m
Pantani's statute at Colle dei Morti
23-06-2017 09:39
7.1219°E, 44.3856°N, 2480m
Val Grana as seen from Colle dei Morti
23-06-2017 09:40
7.1217°E, 44.3856°N, 2480m
The descent from Colle dei Morti towards Colle Valcavera
23-06-2017 09:44
7.1119°E, 44.3853°N, 2430m
Valcavera, with the road climbing from Demonte
23-06-2017 09:47
7.1022°E, 44.3814°N, 2410m
View to the west from Valcavera pass, with Bandia to the left and Becco Grande to the right
23-06-2017 09:49
7.1011°E, 44.3817°N, 2429m
Near Bandia pass, view towards Valcavera pass
23-06-2017 10:01
7.0894°E, 44.3839°N, 2420m
Colle della Bandia
23-06-2017 10:02
7.0894°E, 44.3839°N, 2420m
Former military buildings at Bandia pass
23-06-2017 10:06
7.0856°E, 44.3819°N, 2408m
Sight towards to valley of Demonte from the Margherina pass
23-06-2017 10:18
7.0681°E, 44.3881°N, 2420m
La Meja as seen from Colle Margherina
23-06-2017 10:18
7.0681°E, 44.3881°N, 2420m
Colle Cologna, view towards Colle di Salsas Blanchias
23-06-2017 10:25
7.0619°E, 44.3842°N, 2394m
Colle Cologna, with view over the Preit pass
23-06-2017 10:26
7.0619°E, 44.3842°N, 2394m
Colle di Salsas Blanchias with view to the Meja summit
23-06-2017 10:34
7.0547°E, 44.3792°N, 2447m
Colle di Salsas Blanchias, south side
23-06-2017 10:35
7.0547°E, 44.3792°N, 2447m
Near Bric Servagno, view to the north-east with the Cassorso mountain in the centre and the Gardetta pass left of it
23-06-2017 10:49
7.0431°E, 44.3881°N, 2440m
The alpine stable of Ciampasso near the Preit pass
23-06-2017 11:48
7.0414°E, 44.4042°N, 2083m
La Meja as seen from the Preit pass
23-06-2017 11:48
7.0414°E, 44.4042°N, 2083m
The valley of Preit and the road climbing to the pass of the same name
23-06-2017 11:51
7.0389°E, 44.4061°N, 2050m
23-06-2017 12:02
7.0544°E, 44.4336°N, 1550m
The church of San Peyre / San Pietro in Stroppo
23-06-2017 13:02
7.1289°E, 44.5083°N, 1230m
San Martino (Valle Maira)
23-06-2017 13:33
7.1147°E, 44.5081°N, 1440m
The Maira valley as seen from the Bettone pass
23-06-2017 14:20
7.1053°E, 44.5208°N, 1850m
Col de Bettone, view to the west
23-06-2017 14:21
7.1053°E, 44.5208°N, 1850m
Elva and the Ferra mountain as seen from the Cavallina pass
23-06-2017 14:53
7.1042°E, 44.5258°N, 1950m
Sampéyre pass, view to Valle Varaita and Monte Viso
23-06-2017 15:31
7.1194°E, 44.5511°N, 2284m
23-06-2017 15:58
7.1642°E, 44.5633°N, 1590m