Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2017, stage 3: Sampéyre - Agnel - Izoard - Briançon (24 June 2017)

2930 m ^
Towards Chianale in the Valle Varaita
24-06-2017 09:43
7.0114°E, 44.6386°N, 1770m
The valley of Soustra from the road of the Agnello pass
24-06-2017 10:16
6.9861°E, 44.6592°N, 2140m
View from Agnello pass to its Italian side
24-06-2017 11:11
6.9794°E, 44.6839°N, 2744m
View from the Agnel pass to its French side
24-06-2017 11:11
6.9794°E, 44.6839°N, 2744m
Old Agnello pass to its Italian side, with the Mongioia massif on the right in the background
24-06-2017 11:27
6.9842°E, 44.6864°N, 2770m
Agnel pass as seen from the path to the old Agnel pass
24-06-2017 11:31
6.9817°E, 44.6853°N, 2760m
Le Coin and Pierre Grosse in the Queyras
24-06-2017 11:56
6.8744°E, 44.7247°N, 1950m
From Ville-Vieille towards Château-Queyras
24-06-2017 12:26
6.8247°E, 44.7614°N, 1430m
Château-Queyras as seen from Le Collet
24-06-2017 12:34
6.7908°E, 44.7569°N, 1380m
Brunissard and La Chalp as seen from the Izoard road
24-06-2017 13:55
6.7322°E, 44.7986°N, 1980m
The Izoard pass as seen from the Plâtrière pass
24-06-2017 14:17
6.7358°E, 44.8075°N, 2220m
Near the Izoard pass, south slope, with the Pics de la Font Sancte in the background
24-06-2017 14:30
6.7331°E, 44.8183°N, 2320m
At the Izoard pass, the road on the north side
24-06-2017 14:41
6.7350°E, 44.8197°N, 2360m
24-06-2017 15:33
6.6483°E, 44.8869°N, 1370m