Picture albums   Slide show   Tour 2017, stage 4: Briançon - Galibier - Télégraphe - St-Jean-de-Maurienne (25 June 2017)

2420 m ^
Lautaret pass and Meije massif
25-06-2017 09:33
6.4194°E, 45.0414°N, 1970m
Sight to the south from the Galibier pass, with the Meije massif on the right-hand side and the Barre des Écrins mountain (with its glacier) further left
25-06-2017 10:51
6.4078°E, 45.0642°N, 2647m
North side of the Galibier pass
25-06-2017 10:55
6.4078°E, 45.0642°N, 2647m
Col du Plan Nicolas to the west
25-06-2017 11:04
6.4117°E, 45.0761°N, 2401m
The Galibier rod near Plan Lachat
25-06-2017 11:11
6.4319°E, 45.0867°N, 2130m
No comment
25-06-2017 11:51
6.4385°E, 45.1850°N, 1535m
Col des Trois Croix, track climbing from Le Col
25-06-2017 12:12
6.4428°E, 45.1911°N, 1651m
The three crosses and the chapel at the pass of Three Crosses (col des Trois Croix)
25-06-2017 12:15
6.4428°E, 45.1911°N, 1651m
At the Télégraphe pass
25-06-2017 12:21
6.4447°E, 45.2028°N, 1570m
View from La Porte towards the Télégraphe fort
25-06-2017 14:42
6.4581°E, 45.2336°N, 940m
Col de la Porte towards St-Jean-de-Maurienne
25-06-2017 14:46
6.4586°E, 45.2328°N, 900m