Picture albums   Slide show   MTB tour Bivio - Lunghin - Bivio (14 October 2017)

The valley of Tgavretga, with Piz Neir to the right and Piz Mitgel in the background
14-10-2017 10:27
9.6578°E, 46.4436°N, 1990m
View from the Settimo pass to the south, with the chain from Cima di Castello to Pizzo Badile in the back
14-10-2017 11:33
9.6369°E, 46.4186°N, 2310m
View from Septimer to the north, with the Piz d'Err, Calderas, d'Agnel and Surgonda
14-10-2017 11:33
9.6369°E, 46.4186°N, 2310m
View towards Forcellina from Pass Lunghin
14-10-2017 13:19
9.6633°E, 46.4136°N, 2645m
Lägh dal Lunghin as seen from the same-name pass
14-10-2017 13:20
9.6633°E, 46.4136°N, 2645m
Angelika in the descent from Lunghin to Septimer
14-10-2017 13:50
9.6589°E, 46.4147°N, 2540m
Bocchetta d'Emmat, Piz Materdell and Piz Grevasalvas
14-10-2017 16:03
9.6839°E, 46.4436°N, 2510m
Bocchetta d'Emmat, north-east side, with Piz Bever the farthest in the background
14-10-2017 16:04
9.6839°E, 46.4436°N, 2510m
Western slope of Bocchetta d'Emmat, at the place called Bleis Lunga
14-10-2017 16:27
9.6656°E, 46.4364°N, 2170m
Play of shadow above Cadval (Tgavretga)
14-10-2017 16:32
9.6631°E, 46.4378°N, 2120m