pass for MTB

Col du Six Blanc

geography  CH (VS), 7.1883°E, 46.043°N profil
altitude  2230 m100-cols code  CH-VS-2230
side 1  Orsières, 887m, 14km
 Commeire, 1454m, 6km
side 2  Bruson, 1042m, 12km
 Montagne du Six Blanc, 2032m, 1km
passability fairly easy fairly easy
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info rideable ways up to the pass
Col du Six Blanc
View from col du Six Blanc towards Dents du Midi
Col du Six Blanc
Verbier as seen from col du Six Blanc
Col du Six Blanc
From the front to the background: Hérens cows in La Chaux, Six Blanc, Aiguille d'Argentière