info Passes in the Alps and the Jura by Patrick Schleppi, member of the Club des cent cols

These pages feature various information on passes which i passed in the Alps and the Jura mountains.

road road pass (rideable with a race bicycle) info further information about the pass
MTB MTB pass (not sufaced and thus not appropriate for a race bicycle) CCC number Club des cent cols
geography geographic position (country, region, coordinates) SwissTopo Géoportail IGN BEV Österreich ViaMichelin Wikimapia display a national map (Switzerland, France and Austria available), on ViaMichelin or on Wikimapia
altitude altitude of the pass
side 1 side 2 places on each side (altitudes and distances to the pass) Wikipedia Wikipedia article about this pass (en: english, fr: french, de: german, it: italian, rm: romanic, sl: slovenian)
passability months during which the pass is normally open (road) or difficulty ranking (MTB, see hereafter) proximity display a list sorted according to the proximity to the present pass
links links to other pages photo display picture(s) of the pass

Symbols of the passes on the maps
> 2000 m
1500 - 2000 m
1000 - 1500 m
< 1000 m
not yet passed

Difficulty ranking
xeasy, good way, neither too steep nor too long
xxfairly easy, way or rideable trail
xxxquite difficult, sections to push or carry the bike
xxxxdifficult, steep, quite long sections to push or carry the bike
xxxxxvery difficult, long sections to push or carry the bike, or even dangerous passages
Ønot allowed
with no warranty; given separately for each side in most cases

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