Picture albums   Slide show   MTB tour Thun - Dünzenegg - Sichle - Justistal - Thun (26 October 2019)

Lake of Thun and the Alps (Niesen at right) as seen from Tschingel
26-10-2019 10:25
7.7094°E, 46.7244°N, 930m
Löchli, view to the south-east
26-10-2019 11:14
7.7539°E, 46.7492°N, 1358m
Vue to the north from Löchli
26-10-2019 11:16
7.7542°E, 46.7492°N, 1360m
Löchli, the pass as seen from the south-east
26-10-2019 11:21
7.7569°E, 46.7467°N, 1410m
Zettenalp, a nameless pass
26-10-2019 11:41
7.7636°E, 46.7447°N, 1512m
26-10-2019 12:11
7.7894°E, 46.7547°N, 1490m
View to the north-east from Schörizegg
26-10-2019 12:38
7.8000°E, 46.7631°N, 1465m
26-10-2019 12:45
7.8058°E, 46.7628°N, 1490m
View to the north from the Sichle pass
26-10-2019 13:21
7.8053°E, 46.7508°N, 1679m
The Bluemhorn crest from Sichle
26-10-2019 13:22
7.8053°E, 46.7508°N, 1679m
The Justistal valley as seen from Sichle
26-10-2019 13:22
7.8053°E, 46.7508°N, 1679m
Sichle as seen from Oberhofner in the Justistal
26-10-2019 13:45
7.7992°E, 46.7433°N, 1450m
The high valley of Justistal
26-10-2019 14:16
7.7900°E, 46.7308°N, 1290m
Sigriswil and the lake of Thun
26-10-2019 14:29
7.7422°E, 46.7072°N, 1000m