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Yves and Patrick, my first bicycle
20-10-1967 16:00
7.0322°E, 47.0892°N, 920m
Patrick at the Flüelapass, my first big alpine pass
08-09-1986 17:00
9.9472°E, 46.7503°N, 2383m
At the Foppa pass, one of the hardest road passes
17-07-2002 11:19
10.3006°E, 46.2478°N, 1852m
San Jorio, at the refuge
13-08-2005 16:35
9.1600°E, 46.1669°N, 1980m
Patrick at the Bischolpass
02-10-2010 14:58
9.3583°E, 46.7069°N, 1999m
Patrick at Bréchette pass
13-08-2011 14:07
7.4892°E, 46.1939°N, 2619m
Patrick at the Lombarde pass
27-06-2012 15:07
7.1503°E, 44.2025°N, 2351m
Widersteiner Furggel: Patrick's hundredth new pass in 2012
08-09-2012 13:15
9.1561°E, 47.0303°N, 2013m
Patrick at Col des Gentianes
03-08-2013 12:47
7.3025°E, 46.0831°N, 2890m
Patrick au Valico di Valbona
05-07-2019 16:15
11.2719°E, 45.8681°N, 1782m
Patrick at the refuge of Tête Grise, just above the Aventine pass, with the Matterhorn summit on the right
09-08-2021 13:03
7.7083°E, 45.9336°N, 3460m